We believe that we can accomplish the Houndslake vision better when we speak as a unified voice. By working together as an organization, we can help make the Houndslake area more attractive, appealing to prospective homebuyers, and keep our property values high.

Current Vision

  • Maintain landscaping at entrances
  • Work with the city to resurface Houndslake Drive
  • Working to achieve better and balanced lighting for the entrances to our neighborhood
  • Beautification of Varden Dr.
  • Pave maintenance shed driveway and close up muddy trench
  • Address the erosion and esthetics of the embankment and efficiency of drainage design
  • Create social and support opportunities

Current Accomplishments

  • Built new entrance signs
  • Planted grass on Parkway
  • Painted speed bumps
  • Removed abandoned power poles in the neighborhood
  • Started adopt a hole
  • Had state DOT clean up overgrowth on bypass near Northwood Drive
  • Partnered with the club to replace all 27 hole signs on courses
  • Added cart crossing signs to improve safety

Houndslake Neighborhood Association
PO Box 5523
Aiken, SC 29804